Additional Website Support Resources

This page contains links to other support resources that YCCD web site owners may find helpful when creating and publishing their websites. Scroll through this page to view all resources, or select a topic from the list below to skip directly to that subject.


OmniUpdate OU Campus

  • Launch an OmniUpdate Website - A faculty guide to using OmniUpdate OU Campus with the MJC website templates. The content of this tutorial is specifically written to support faculty using the MJC templates on this hosting server, but only parts 5-7 are specific to this purpose. Overall, this is a great support document for anyone at YCCD using OmniUpdate.
  • OU Campus / OU Publish Support Documentation - A collection of help documents, tutorials, and walk-through's created by OmniUpdate themselves, and available to all faculty and staff. The well written documentation on this website covers every subject imaginable, from the trivial to the advanced.


FileZilla & FTP

  • Using FileZilla - User tutorial published by the creators of FileZilla. Explains the interface and provides a good introduction to using the program. Mildly technical in spots.
  • FileZilla Training Video - Created by GRN Training 101, this YouTube video provides a more in depth introduction to the FileZilla FTP program. The tutorial is mostly non-technical and is easy to follow. Please note that the connection instructions are slightly different for her web site, and that you should replace her login instructions with those elsewhere on this web site.


Web Design

  • About.Com Web Design Basics - A collection of articles and tutorials aimed at webpage designers of all skill levels. Topics range from page layout ideas and color theory, to navigation and usability. This web site is a great reference that will help you build professional, usable, and friendly web sites.
  • Google Docs - Need to add a form to your web site? Google Docs Forms provides an easy to learn, easy to use tool that will allow you to create and publish online forms for data collection and emailing.


Online Accessibility

  • WebAIM: Web Accessibility in Mind - One of the resources on the Internet to get yourself up to speed on building accessible web sites. The Articles section contains dozens of papers, written in tutorial format, to teach you why online accessibility is so important, and how to write your sites in a way that will be accessible to those with visual, cognitive, and motor disabilities. The Resources section contains links to additional web sites and free testing resources.