Connect to WebDAV with Apple OSX

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WebDAV is a technology used to connect your computer to a remote server for file viewing and transfers. This is a technology that was fully standardized in the early 2000's, and is today widely supported on most computers and in most web editors. YCCD offers WebDAV as a connection option for all websites hosted by the district.

Using WebDAV to connect to your website has many advantages over traditional FTP. The first, and most important, of these advantages is the native support for WebDAV that is already included in all modern computer operating systems and popular web editors. Unlike FTP, WebDAV requires no client side software. Files and folders can be created, renamed, and dragged between computers using the familiar file management tools already included with Apple OS X. This file system transparency also allows web editors to maintain their content directly on the remote server using the editing tool of their choice, whether that tool is Adobe Dreamweaver or BBEdit. Finally, WebDAV is very fast and secure, which will allow you to quickly move files onto your website without compromising your login credentials or the security of your data.

To begin establishing a connection, please follow these steps.

Connecting to WebDAV

  1. Select Finder by clicking the Mac icon on your Dock.
  2. Choose the Go menu from the Finder toolbar at the top of your screen.
  3. At the bottom of your Go menu, select the “Connect to Server” option.
  4. When the Connect to Server window opens, enter the full URL, or web address, of the site you are connecting to. Example: It is very important that you enter the address with the “https:”, and not “http:”.
  5. Click the “Connect” button.
  6. The WebDAV File System Authentication window will appear.
    • In the Domain text box, enter a lower case “yccd”
    • In the Name text box, enter your YCCD network username. Websites are accessed using the same username and password using the same credentials provided for district email and computer logins.
    • Enter your standard YCCD network login password.
    • If your computer is located in a private (non-shared) location, you may select the checkbox to add these credentials to your Mac keychain. Doing so will prevent the computer from requesting your username again until your password is changed. For security reasons, this should only be done if you are reasonably certain that your computer cannot be accessed by other people.
  7. Click “OK” when done
  8. Your computer should now open a window to your remote WebDAV folder. You may drag, drop, delete, or rename files and folders in this window as if it were a local folder.
  9. The shortcut will remain available for the current session, and may be directly accessed through the Finder until the virtual drive is unmounted or ejected.

This process must be repeated when the computer is rebooted, or after the virtual drive is unmounted or ejected.