Connecting with WebDAV Editors

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WebDAV is a technology used to connect your computer to a remote server for file viewing and transfers. This is a technology that was fully standardized in the early 2000's, and is today widely supported on most computers and in most web editors. YCCD offers WebDAV as a connection option for all websites hosted by the district.

Using WebDAV to connect to your website has many advantages over traditional FTP. The first, and most important, of these advantages is the native support for WebDAV that is already included in all modern computer operating systems and popular web editors. Unlike FTP, WebDAV requires no client side software. Files and folders can be created, renamed, and dragged between computers using the familiar file management tools already included with most computers. Finally, WebDAV is very fast and secure, which will allow you to quickly move files onto your website without compromising your login credentials or the security of your data.

Connection Information

Connecting from a WebDAV enabled application is relatively simple. WebDAV users only need to remember three important points.

When entering your website address, always precede the URL with an “https://”. This encrypts your connection and protects your data from eavesdropping. The server will reject any unencrypted connection attempts.

User Name: “yccd\userd”. This is the same YCCD network user name used to access district employee email, and desktop computing resources. This is not your Datatel ID. All usernames must be preceded with a lowercase “yccd\”.

Password: Use the standard YCCD network password associated with your user name.