Connecting with Apple iWeb

This document is also available in PDF form: Follow this link to download. PDF Available

Apple iWeb is a popular website editing application commonly found on Apple OSX-based desktop computers. By utilizing the WebDAV functionality within iWeb and the YCCD Web Hosting Server, it is now possible to publish web content directly from Apple iWeb to your web site without using any additional software and without setting up any drive connections.

Be advised: This tutorial is offered for the convenience of our staff and faculty who use iWeb, and presumes that you already possess a working familiarity with that product. Neither the HelpDesk nor YCCD IT can provide technical support for problems with unsupported software, including iWeb. If you experience any problems connecting iWeb to this server, please contact Apple or the licensed support resource for your software.

Create a New iWeb Site on the YCCD Hosting Server

  1. Open iWeb and create your web site. Please refer to your iWeb documentation for instructions on this step.
  2. Create a WebDAV connection between your computer and the remote hosting server. For more information, please visit the YCCD Hosting Support Site at: and review the “Connecting with WebDAV and Apple OSX” tutorial.
  3. The left side of the iWeb window contains the website navigation pane. Click on the name of your website in this pane.
  4. The Site Publishing Settings window should now be visible.
    • Change “Publish To” to Local Folder.
    • Click the “Choose” button in the “Folder Location” bar
  5. The Choose a Location window should now be visible.
    • Browse the left column of the window until you find the name of your WebDAV connection. This connection should be located under the “Shared” header.
    • Click once on the name of your connection in the left column. This should cause the connection information to appear within the center column.
    • Click and highlight the name of the connection in the center column, and click the “Choose” button.
  6. The Site Publishing Settings window should be visible again. Enter the address of your website in the “Website URL” bar.
  7. Click the “Publish Site” button at the bottom of the iWeb screen to copy your iWeb site onto the YCCD Web Hosting Server.