Connecting Adobe Dreamweaver


Warning: As of June 2020, WebDav connections are no longer supported for the YCCD web hosting service. To connect to the website, please use the FTP settings over VPN, as described elsewhere on this support site! 

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is one of the more popular website editing tools used at YCCD today. By utilizing the WebDAV functionality of the CS5 product and the YCCD Web Hosting Server, it is now possible to publish web content directly from Adobe Dreamweaver to your web site without using any additional software and without setting up any drive connections. This tutorial will offer a basic overview of the steps required.

Be advised: This tutorial is offered for the convenience of our staff and faculty who use CS5, and presumes that you already possess a working familiarity with that product. Because Adobe Dreamweaver is not an officially distributed software package at YCCD, neither the HelpDesk nor YCCD IT can provide technical support for any problems you encounter. If you experience any problems connecting Dreamweaver to this server, please contact Adobe or the licensed support resource for your software.

Creating a New Linked Web Site

Please follow these steps to create a new web site and link it to the YCCD Hosting Server.

  1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  2. Find and click the “Site” option in the Dreamweaver top menu, and then select “New Site”.
  3. Your Site Setup window should now be open, with the “Site” tab selected.
    • Under Site Name, enter a name that you will use to reference the site. This can be any name you choose.
    • Under Local Site Folder, choose a folder on your computer that you will use to store this web site. We suggest creating a new, empty folder for this step.
  4. In the upper-left corner of the Site Setup window, click the “Servers” tab. When the Server configuration screen appears, click the button with the large plus-symbol (+). This will open the Server Insert screen.
    • Next to server name, enter a “friendly” name for the site you are connecting to. This could be “My Web Site”, or something similar.
    • Change the “Connect Using” option to WebDAV
    • Next to URL, enter the complete website address you are attempting to connect to. Always precede the address with an https://
    • Enter your YCCD network username. This is the same username used to access YCCD email resources and desktop computers. This is not your Datatel ID. Your username should also be preceded by a lowercase “yccd\”
      Example: yccd\username
    • Enter the YCCD network password associated with that username
    • If your computer is secure, click the Save checkbox to store the password in CS5. If you do not save your password, you will simply need to re-enter the password each time you publish your web site.
    • Click “Test” to verify that your connection is successful. If no error are found, click “Save”.
    • Save and close the Server Configuration screen as well.
  5. To publish your website, click “Site” in the Dreamweaver top menu and select “Synchronize Sitewide”. The synchronization wizard will quickly update your web site. If your Dreamweaver is configured to show the file management window, you may also publish content directly through that window by using the Get, Put, and Synchronize buttons.

Linking an Existing Dreamweaver Web Site

If you have an existing Dreamweaver web site and wish to connect it without re-creating the site, follow these steps:

  1. Open Dreamweaver and enter your existing site.
  2. Find and click the “Site” option in the Dreamweaver top menu, and then select “Manage Sites”.
  3. In the Manage Sites window, click the website you wish to link, and select the “Edit” button.
  4. Your Site Setup window should now be visible. Please go to Step 4 in the first part of this document, “Creating a New Linked Web Site”. Follow steps 4 and 5 to connect your existing Dreamweaver site to your new YCCD Web Hosting account using WebDAV.