Acceptable Web Site Homepage Names

All websites have homepages, or default introductory pages that all website visitors first view when visiting your website. When building your website, it is very important that you name your homepage properly. The YCCD Web Hosting Server routes visitors to the appropriate homepage by looking at a list of standard homepage "names". If none of these names are present, your website visitors may see an error.

Note: Advanced .Net developers may specify custom homepage names using the web.config file. This feature is not supported by the HelpDesk or IT department, but is active on our server and may be accessed by website owners who are familiar with the configuration changes needed to get this feature working.

The following list contains all of the homepage names recognized by this server, in order of preference. If your web folder contains two or more files that use the names below, the file with the name highest on this list will be given priority and become the homepage. Homepage names should always be lowercase.

  1. default.html
  2. default.htm
  3. home.html
  4. home.htm
  5. default.asp
  6. index.htm
  7. index.html
  8. iisstart.htm
  9. default.aspx
  10. index.php