FTP Connection Information


This page provides basic connection information for FTP users. For a more comprehensive set of FTP connection instructions, please view the 'Connecting Using FTP' tutorial instead.


Enter the following settings into your FTP program to initiate a connection to the YCCD Web Hosting Server. Please be aware that only FTP clients that support the newer FTPES protocol will connect successfully.

All users must agree to the YCCD Web Hosting Service Guidelines before connecting. Only YCCD employees with valid network credentials may use the FTP service.

As of August 2020, FTP connections will only be connected if established from computers on the YCCD internal network or connected through the YCCD VPN. If you are experiencing connection problems, please verify that you are connected via VPN. 

Host: sites.yosemite.edu

Port: 21

Server Type: FTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSL

Logon Type: Normal (Not Anonymous)

Transfer Mode: Passive

Username and password: Standard YCCD username and password.

After connecting, simply browse to the folder matching your websites URL.