Choosing an MJC OUCampus Template

Modesto Junior College Staff and Faculty who have selected an OmniUpdate website are provided with a collection of 12 templates and 11 color styling "themes" for their website, which allows web editors to personalize their websites to both the content they're publishing and to their personal tastes. This flexibility can be a little daunting for new users, but we have a simple set of preview screens for new users.


When creating a new page, you will be asked to select a layout template, and will need to select from a dropdown full of codes like: "Home, 50/50, No Menu". If this doesn't mean anything to you, just bookmark this link: The preview site will allow you to view each of the page layouts and determine which template layout best suits your needs. Brand new websites may also make use of the "Deploy MJC Example Site" option on the New Page screen in OU Campus. The example site will automatically generate a collection of homepage example pages, course information pages, and other useful web pages for your use. Creating and deploying an example site is often the fastest way to get a new OU Campus website up and running.


All MJC OUCampus websites will also need to choose a website "theme" or color scheme at least once.  Color themes are sitewide and cannot be set on a page-by-page basis. To see a list of MJC OU Campus color themes, bookmark this website:


Additional MJC specific website support information can be located on the MJC Web Support site at