Getting Started with YCCD Web Hosting

The YCCD Web Hosting Server allows website owners to use a variety of different website editing tools and connection techniques to maintain their websites. If you deploy a new web site, you will need to decide which editing tool or technique you would prefer to use. A brief description of the connection and editing technologies supported on this server may be viewed by following this link (opens a new window).

What connection or editing technology do you prefer to use on your new web site?

I would like to use OmniUpdate OUCampus.

I would like to use Adobe DreamWeaver, Microsoft Expression Web, or another WebDAV enabled website editing program.

I would like to use a WordPress Blog.

I would like to use something else, and transfer my files to the server using WebDAV or FTP.

I'm not familiar with the options, and do not know which technology to use.