Getting Started with YCCD Web Hosting

Before we begin, let's determine whether you actually require a website.

In 2009, the Yosemite Community College District launched a new web system which automatically creates simple websites for faculty and some staff at both colleges and Central Services. This web system provides contact email and telephone numbers, allows the posting of office hours, syllabi, up to 10 downloadable files, a few paragraphs of text, and web links.

All faculty at Modesto Junior College, and all faculty and staff at Columbia College, have profile pages already established. Many faculty and staff have found that the Directory systems provide all of the web publishing services they need.

The Directory Profiles systems may be previewed by clicking the links below, which will open new windows.

Modesto Junior College:
Columbia College:

Employees not covered by these systems also have access to a district-wide Directory profile system at:

Have you reviewed the Web Profile system for your college to determine whether it is sufficient to accomplish your web publishing goals?

Yes, I have reviewed the web profile system, and it does not meet my needs. I require a web site.

No, I have not yet reviewed the web profile system. I don't know if it will meet my needs.