Website Setup

  1. May I use a custom domain name?
  2. How do the standard host names work?
  3. How do I request a website?
  4. May I use a database?
  5. Can I continue to operate my website after retirement?
  6. What is my username and password?
  7. Can I give a student worker or outside developer access to my website?
  8. How many websites can I have?
  9. May I move a web site from an older web server to this server?


  1. May I use a custom domain name?

    Custom domain name hosting is available only to programs that can demonstrate a legitimate need to establish an online identity distinct from the Yosemite Community College District or its colleges. Requests for custom domain names must be approved by the website steering group at your college, and/or by your college president. There is also an additional associated cost involved of $59 per year (as of 2010) for the purchase of new security certificates to protect your custom domain name.

    Grant projects which require the creation and use of a custom web site with a domain name are exempt from these approval requirements. Grant projects that do not require secure connections will be hosted at no charge, but will be limited to FTP access. Grant projects wishing to secure their online connections will need to pay the $59 annual security fee, and will also have WebDAV services enabled for their web site.

    Please understand that these fees do not include the registration costs for the domain name itself. The fees for domain name registration vary by registrar, but are generally an additional $20-$40 per year. Please contact the YCCD webmaster for more information:
  2. How do the standard hostnames work?

    Hostname explanation graphic
    The current version of the YCCD Website Hosting server is the first to support sub-domains for all standard websites hosted on this server. Faculty, staff, and administrators will be permitted to choose the primary domain for their website from the three currently owned by YCCD (,, Additionally, website owners will need to select a "specifying type" for their website domain. The current options for the specifying type are "sites" (generic use), "faculty", "staff", "comm" (community, communication, or committee), or "events".
  3. How do I request a website?

    Please review the tutorial, "Registering a New Website" for assistance and guidance in getting started on the new hosting server.
  4. May I use a database?

    Yes. We have both MySQL and SQL Server Compact Edition databases available for your use. Please be aware that we cannot offer support or training for these resources, and they are only intended for advanced users capable of self-supporting their own development process. Please send an email to for additional information.
  5. Can I continue to operate my website after retirement?

    The use of YCCD web hosting services is limited to current employees of the Yosemite Community College District, including all full-time and part-time certificated, classified, and management staff. The use of website hosting services after retirement is not a negotiated benefit, and is not officially sanctioned on either this or any previous generation of web server. Because of the structure of our earlier web servers, it was often difficult for us to identify the websites of retirees and notify them of this limitation, so many retiree websites continued to operate without interference.

    The current generation of the YCCD Web Hosting Servers includes vastly improved account management tools that automatically remove website access from employees upon retiring. We cannot offer website hosting to retired employees.
  6. What is my username and password?

    YCCD Web Hosting servers are accessed using your standard YCCD network username and password. This is the same username and password used to access YCCD employee email accounts and desktop computing resources. This is not your Datatel user ID and password.

    Please prefix your YCCD network username with a lowercase "yccd\". For example: "yccd\username".
  7. Can I give a student worker or outside developer access to my website?

    Student workers with YCCD network accounts can be granted the same access as any other YCCD employee. Student workers without network accounts, or outside developers no network access whatsoever, may be granted limited access to web sites via the Website Manager application. FTP and WebDAV access is not available for these users. Any website owner may create local access accounts through their Website Management screen.

    Please be aware that website owners are responsible for ensuring that all content posted by third parties is in compliance with state and federal law, YCCD Board Policies, and the YCCD Hosting Service Guidelines. Website owners are also responsible for removing access from third parties when it is no longer needed. Failure to properly monitor the content of your web site may result in the suspension of your website hosting account.
  8. How may websites can I have?

    The short answer: As many as you need.

    The slightly longer answer: Web hosting services are subject to the terms outlined in the YCCD Web Hosting Service Guidelines, which place certain limits on the use of your web sites, require the removal of outdated and unused websites, and prohibit the creation of redundant web sites. Hosted web site users are also encouraged to consolidate their web hosting accounts whenever possible.

    The Web Hosting Self Registration application will permit you to create and/or "own" (or co-own) up to two web sites without review. Attempts at creating websites beyond this two-site limit will result in the generation of "suspended" web sites. If this happens, please send an email to with the URL of the site you are attempting to create and the purpose of the website. Your new website information and existing accounts will be reviewed for compliance with the Web Hosting Service Guidelines. If the new site request does not violate any guidelines pertaining to board policy or law, the web site will be activated within 72 hours.

    Please be aware that removed websites are not counted against the two-site limit. If you currently own two websites, you may create a new website without review if you first delete an older site through the Website Manager.
  9. May I move a web site from an older server to this server?

    Yes. Older FrontPage web sites from previous hosting servers may be migrated directly to this server. We strongly suggest that you consider re-developing your sites using more modern development tools, but understand that re-development is not always possible or desirable. For information on migrating your web site, please visit the Help & How-to's page at and view the "Moving and Editing FrontPage 2003 Web Sites" tutorial.