Site Management & Tools

  1. What technologies can I use on my website?
  2. How do I add more users to my website?
  3. Can I password protect my website?
  4. I received an "Abandoned Site Notification". What does this mean?


  1. What technologies can I use on my website?

    The current generation of YCCD Website Hosting operates using a Microsoft™ Windows Server 2008 R2™ operating system and offers support for a wide range of the latest web and application development languages and technologies including: Conventional HTML, XHTML/XML, ASP.NET 4.0 (including VB.Net, C#, and other languages within the .Net Framework), Classic ASP/VBScript, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Compact Edition, MySQL 5, PHP 5, SSI, And many more. Contact the YCCD HelpDesk for more information if you require a technology that is not listed here.
  2. How do I add more users to my website?

    Multiple website users can be added during the website registration and creation process. We anticipate providing website owners with the tools needed to manage their web editors with the launch of the Website Manager tool. Until that product is released, please contact the web support personnel for your campus, or the YCCD HelpDesk, to place a work order and request that additional users be added or removed from your web site.
  3. Can I password protect my website?

    Yes. Please send an email to for information on building non-public web sites.
  4. I received an "Abandoned Site Notification." What does this mean?

    The YCCD Hosting Service Guidelines require that website editors update their content at least once a year. If a website has not been edited during that period, our system will begin to automatically send website owners a monthly "Abandoned Site Notification", with a warning that their websites are in danger of removal. If a website has not been updated after six notifications have been sent (18 months after the last edit), we will record the website to disc, forward the disc to the site owner of record via intercampus mail, and remove the websites from our hosting servers.

    To prevent your website from being removed, please update your web site at least once a year. If you have received an Abandoned Site Notification, simply update a single file on your website to prevent its removal.